Do I need any extra equipment to do live streams?

All you need is a headset and the Voicehub app. That's it. Other than that, make sure you find a quiet place to focus and have an engaging conversation.

Can I just listen to Live Groups conversations?

Yes, if you find a group that interests you, you can join the conversation and just listen. We want to encourage this kind of open conversations.

What happens if I use the „Raise my Hand“-Button in a Live Group?

The members of the group are notified that you want to say something. The members who are talking to each other can see that you want to contribute to the conversation. As soon as the timing is right, you can lower your hand and turn your microphone back on to speak to all members of the group.

Is there a time limit on how long a Snippet can be?

No, there is not a time limit, but keep in mind that Snippets should express a clear thought you have. This can take 30 seconds or 20 minutes. Think of a Snippet like a blog post and not like a book.

Can I join the beta?

Sure, just drop your info here, and we will set you up asap.

How does content creation on Voicehub work?

There are three ways to create content on Voicehub: You can host a live stream, upload a pre-recorded audio file or you can record audio directly within the app.

Can I create my own Hub?

Yes, if you think a community for something you and others are interested in is missing on Voicehub. Please keep in mind that Hubs should be a place for collaboration. It is important that you structure your Hub in a way that others can contribute.