Talk and Listen to New Like-Minded People

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Hubs Are Communities Within Voicehub

In a Hub, you can talk about your passion or just listen to interesting Live Group conversations of fellow Hub members. It is the perfect place to engage with people who are interested in the same topics as you are. If you want to share in-depth thoughts, you can record mini-podcast episodes, which we call Snippets, and share them in a Hub.

Voicehub Is a Place for Live Group Podcasts and Mini Podcast Episodes

Create Your Own Hub

We want to keep it simple. On your home feed, you will find all the Hubs you have joined. If you feel that a hub is missing, you can set up a Hub and get a new space for something that is important to you. You will have the ability to host live group discussions, share snippets, add moderators and have your own rules. Another cool thing is that it's completely free.

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So, What Could Happen If You Join Voicehub?

Listen to Deep, Unplanned and Entertaining Conversations

Become a Thought Leader in an Area That Interests You

Meet New Interesting Guests for Your Podcast or Show

Have Your First Chat With Your New Co-Founder or Investor